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designWorks Provides Furniture Knowledge and Expertise and Oversees Installation

When updating office space, going for a particular “feel” requires a fair amount of hands-on work.

Frost-Arnett, a Nashville mainstay in accounts receivable management for the healthcare industry, has prided itself on serving consumers with respect and empathy for more than 120 years.  As with any longstanding organization, however, growth means change.

When the time came to move to a new 22,000-square-foot space across town from the 16,000-square-foot headquarters it had long-ago outgrown, the company was interested in exploring more updated options. On the list: collaborative workspaces, a fresh breakroom and scalable solutions for future growth, allowing Frost-Arnett representatives to better serve both clients and their consumers.

Frost-Arnett worked with Stacie Berry, interior designer at STG Design, on the concept. Jeana Corbin, interior designer at designWorks, helped bring Berry’s vision to life. designWorks is a unit of HiTouch Business Services, and Corbin had specific furniture contacts and expertise to help meet Frost-Arnett’s needs.

“We took Frost-Arnett representatives to the HON Company’s office furniture showroom in Washington, D.C., and they were able to touch and feel everything there,” Corbin said. “Stacie guided the overall process, and made it very easy. Together, we were able to accommodate everything they were looking for in a timely manner.”

Design firms may know what they’re looking for concept-wise, she said, but may not know the specifics of products available. “And since we’re involved in this process all the time, we have a good idea of trends, availability, and maybe even products they aren’t aware of,” Corbin said. “Stacie was involved in the finishes and the whole gamut of interior design, and we were able to focus on the furniture.”

The new space—complete with about 200 new workstations—was designed to be technology-driven, yet warm with “lots of natural light,” Berry said.

“I love that they care for their employees and wanted them to have a nice space,” she said. “The finishes are warm and they have nice amenities.” As for collaborating with Corbin, Berry said she was “knowledgeable about the products, stayed within budget, provided fast turn around and was fun to work with. With Jeana on the project, I didn’t have to worry. She just took care of it.”

The project wasn’t the first time Frost-Arnett had employed the services of HiTouch. Over the years, Frost-Arnett has purchased several hundred office chairs from the company for its call center, as well as holding office supply business with MyOfficeProducts, another HiTouch unit. In addition to securing the furniture for the new location, designWorks oversaw installation, scheduling around construction workers in several different phases.

“Frost-Arnett has a high level of confidence in our ability to take care of their needs,” said Lane Thomas, vice president of strategic fulfillment at MyOfficeProducts. “Our resourcefulness is a critical part of that. Several things came up in which we had to react and react quickly, and we were able to do so. And everyone was thrilled with the result.”

Adds Paul Sachtleben, Frost-Arnett’s chief operating officer: “We started with a very large wide-open floor plan looking for a furniture solution. They listened to our needs and quickly narrowed down their recommendations to common-sense options that made the selection process easy. Their designer was excellent to work with and was extremely familiar with the manufacturers and their many nuances. All other aspects of the project stayed to the expected timeline and on budget…. They are always quick to respond, recommend and deliver solutions that meet our needs at a reasonable price.” 


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