Monday, November 10, 2014  04:00 AM
HiTouch Business Services Team Player In Chicago Bulls Training Center Move

High-profile Transfer Made Easier with Rentacrate Crates and Dollies

When the Chicago Bulls moved into the Advocate Center, its new training facility, in September 2014, the event required more than just the transfer of people and equipment. HiTouch Business Services was brought in to provide roughly 250 crates to move the management team and coaches.  

HiTouch—including its Rentacrate division—came on board as a longtime partner of Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage, Inc. HiTouch was chosen for the two-week project based on its solid reputation in the Chicago area.

The 60,000-square-foot Advocate Center, next door to United Center, where the Bulls play, is a significant upgrade from the Berto Center in Deerfield, Ill., where the Bulls have practiced since 1992. It features state-of-the-art weight training, a gourmet commercial-grade kitchen, leather theater seats and additional floor space.

“This move was a big deal,” Mark Guzzino, Business Consultant, HiTouch Business Services. “It was very public. Any time you turned on the news, they were talking about the new facility. It was right at the start of the season, and there were a lot of press conferences being held out of the building while we were completing the relocation.” From a mover’s standpoint, he says, the move was logistically “tough,” but HiTouch’s portion went smoothly. HiTouch workers were able to see some of the players, he says—but the true thrill came in a job well done for the home team; HiTouch headquarters are in New Jersey, but Rentacrate has a Regional Distribution Center in the Chicago suburb of Franklin Park, Ill.  


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