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6 Dangers of Unsecured Printers
Danger lurks inside even the most innocent-looking printer. When your device isn’t properly guarded against intruders, it has the potential to become a liability that invites serious security breaches.

Rogue Printers

A rogue printer is born when someone in your organization purchases and installs a printer on the company network without informing the IT or Security team. Being unaware of IT security risks, they often leave the printer with its factory-installed default settings, usernames, and passwords. These defaults are designed to make the device available for interaction with a wide variety of networks, which results in an open invitation to hackers. You can avoid this scenario by using a security protocol called rogue device detection to automatically scan and alert you to any unsecure printer on your network.

Paper Tray Picking

Documents waiting for pickup in a printer paper tray are easy pickings for someone looking for sensitive information. Even though a document has been sent to a printer, it shouldn’t immediately be delivered to the pickup tray. Pull printing helps keep data secure by causing the printer to wait until the person who printed the documents is present in front of the printer before the print job is released to the tray.

Hard Drive Hacking

Old printers at the end of their useful life are typically traded in for new ones, or thrown in the dumpster. These make prime targets for data thieves who simply access the device’s hard drive directly, and are rewarded with company trade secrets, proprietary data, and sensitive personal files. That’s why the hard drives on your printers should always be encrypted or erased before disposal.

Firmware Failures

Regular firmware updates keep your company’s printers current with all of the latest security updates. But these can often be complex, and some require an administrator to log into each device one at a time to perform the updates. The best printers offer centralized monitoring and management that make it easy to perform firmware updates, patches, or changes to security configurations across a large company network.

Open Ports

Printers are sometimes mistakenly thought of as office accessories rather than network computer resources. When they’re left with all their default usernames, passwords, TCP, and UDP ports open, that’s where hackers typically strike. Admin passwords should always be applied as part of an initial configuration before the printer is put into service.

Authentication Impersonation

It may sound simple, but the ability for a printer to allow only authorized access is an essential security measure. Without it, anyone can anonymously email any scanned document residing on your company network. Only authorized and authenticated users should able to send out documents, and those documents should only be able to be sent out from their email address, in order to avoid counterfeiting the source of the information.

Printers that Protect

Thanks to our partnership with HP, Inc., we offer printers that come with advanced security features that help protect your data and better manage your business needs—run time intrusion detection, self-healing, whitelisting, and continuous security updates—all ensure you get the highest level of security for printers and imaging systems across your network of wired and wireless devices, including cloud-based printing.

We’re Here to Help

Contact our team at (877) 696-7266 to address your printer security challenges and keep your organization safe. When you partner with us, you get the very best IT industry knowledge and expertise, customer service, distribution, and technology products. As an operating unit of HiTouch Business Services, we can offer you a broader array of business productivity services and products than any other office supply company. No matter if you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, you can count on us for comprehensive solutions to all your office supply needs.

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